Change your house locks

7 Reasons to change your house locks

There are several important reasons why you may want to change the locks on your home. Upgrading your locks improves security, adds convenience, and gives you peace of mind.

1. You've Lost Your Keys

Losing your house keys can happen to anyone, but it leaves you vulnerable to potential break-ins. Even if you have spare keys somewhere, it’s critical to change your locks right away if your main keys become lost or stolen. You don’t know who may find them and try to gain access to your home. Choose high-security locks, ideally with an upgraded master key system, to ensure previous lost keys can’t be used. Replacing compromised locks restores full home security.

2. You've Moved Into a New Home

When you move into a property, there’s no way to know how many copies of the keys exist or who has them. The previous owners, tenants, real estate agents, contractors etc may still have working keys they could use to enter your new home at any time. To take back control of access, every new homeowner should consider lock replacement or lock rekeying after moving in. This limits keys only to those you authorize. You gain peace of mind knowing you’re the only one able to enter and monitor activity. Changing locks is an essential step to secure a new residence.

3. Security Concerns

If your home’s locks are outdated, damaged, or simply of low quality, your family is vulnerable to break-ins. Even if you live in a relatively safe area, a thief can easily compromise weak, old locks. Replacing locks with higher security ones that feature pick resistance, bump resistance, reinforced strike plates, and tamper-proof features vastly improves protection. Upgrade exterior door hinges as well to prevent removal. Invest in robust window locks too. By replacing all your lock hardware with heavy-duty high-security locks, you create layers of protection that dissuade criminals.

4. Updating Outdated Locks

As with most technology, residential lock systems improve over time with better materials and engineering. Change your house locks If your home’s locks have not been upgraded in 5-10 years or more, advances in security likely left your locks outdated and vulnerable. Modern high-security locks incorporate special alloys, dual deadbolts, proprietary key duplication resistance, and more. Keyless locks allow convenient access minus keys. Smart locks add app-based control and monitoring. Bring your home’s locks fully up-to-date with the latest hardware for strength and features.

5. Change your house locks to Keyless Entry systems

Tired of fumbling for keys to access your home? Keyless entry systems make accessing your property smooth and simple. After changing to compatible locks, keyless devices like keypads, fingerprint scanners, or Bluetooth systems allow you to unlock doors with codes or biometric data. Many options integrate with smart home platforms as well. Installing new high-security keyless locks simplifies access while maintaining critical security. It’s the best of both worlds.

6. Change your house locks to Smart Locks

Smart locks take home security and convenience to the next level. With built-in WiFi and mobile app connectivity, you can monitor, track, automate, and control your home’s access points from anywhere. If you want to set schedules, receive notifications, integrate with other smart devices, and never worry about losing keys again, a smart lock upgrade is the ultimate modern solution. But you need compatible locks to reap the benefits. We Recommend Ultion Smart locks range!

7. Aesthetic Improvements

Beyond home security, you may want to change locks simply to enhance the style and finish of your doors. Contemporary levers, finishes like black nickel and oil-rubbed bronze, and decorative handlesets can complement your home’s decor. Or you may want locks on your exterior doors to match for a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look. With the right design-focused locks, your home’s hardware becomes an architectural detail.

Professional Lock Replacement Costs

Hiring a professional locksmith to replace your locks costs £80 to £180 on average depending on factors like:

  • The number of locks being replaced
  • Accessibility and complexity of the job
  • Type of locks – entry, deadbolts, window, patio door, etc
  • Locksmith’s experience level
  • Your location and local rates

High-security and smart locks fall on the higher end. Get quotes from several local locksmiths before deciding.

Lock Replacement Conclusion

Replacing your home’s locks periodically is an essential part of maintaining security. Take advantage of improvements in lock technology and convenience. And always change locks immediately after moving in or losing keys. Investing in professional lock replacement provides peace of mind your home’s access points are protected.

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